Crop Storage

PAMI’s Crop-Storage Solutions Improve Producers’ Profits

Crop Storage is an essential and unavoidable part of the crop production process. PAMI’s expertise can help maximize the crop-year’s profits by ensuring quality research is conducted and available for producers to safeguard their grain.

PAMI’s evaluation of natural air-drying systems for grains dates back to the late 80s. PAMI developed a testing strategy to evaluate and compare the performance of several different air distribution systems designed for hopper bottom bins. Those results are available in evaluation reports 500, 578, and 588 along with a handy frequently asked questions for natural air drying (PAMI Notes GD-10).

More recently, PAMI conducted research to develop a “smart fan” or a system to automatically control the fan to minimize power requirements and eliminate guesswork involved in grain storage. PAMI constructed a one-of-a kind small-scale test setup to study process variables like grain temperature and relative humidity, ambient air temperature and relative humidity, airflow rate, bin weight, and grain moisture content during drying. Results from the small-scale test setup were verified in a 2000 bushel bin on a hopper bottom.

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Canola Bin Watch 2014: The Canola Council of Canada and the provincial canola grower associations have funded a project to determine the best management practices for summer storage of canola. More information on the project and results can be found on the Canola Council’s blog.