Field Test Equipment

For it’s field-test projects, PAMI owns and operates specialized field-test equipment.  The equipment is used for agronomic, harvesting, crop processing and livestock-relatd projects.  Depending on the testing needs, PAMI either fabricates the equipment to meet its demanding specifications for testing purposes, or modifies or adapts commercially manufactured equipment to provide the flexibility and precision needed.  PAMI’s equipment includes:

Plot Drill

The pneumatic plot drill is capable of accurate metering and delivery of up to 4 combinations of seed and dry fertilizer as required, plus anhydrous ammonia. The machine can be configured to single or double shoot and can be equipped with a wide range of seed and fertilizer openers as well different packing systems.

Test Combines

PAMI has a long history of testing grain-combine performance. This includes the design and fabrication of specialized equipment for collecting and processing the material discharged from test combines. And we do more than just gathering raw data. The data is used to calculate and display the results in a comprehensive and usable format.




PAMI has full- and plot-size combines, along with the unique Collector Processor, which was designed and built by PAMI. We have seeding and harvesting capabilities for all crops, including corn, soybeans, canola, grain, hemp, and more.




Manure Truck

PAMI developed a manure injection truck to conduct liquid swine manure research. The truck was custom built to accurately apply a wide range of application rates using low or high disturbance injection.

Swine manure research has been underway at various Saskatchewan locations for over 7 years involving manure injection using a number of different methods, applied at various times, and using different rates of application.

The research’s objectives are to develop sustainable manure application technology to optimize the agronomic performance of swine manure while protecting the environment. PAMI pioneered the use of low disturbance manure injection in western Canada, and this application method has now been adopted commercially.

In addition to swine manure research PAMI is also conducting agronomic research with feedlot manure and poultry manure.

Field-side Cuber

For it’s second generation bio-energy projects, PAMI has developed a self- contained mobile field-side cuber built on the deck of a flatbed trailer.  The equipment can be moved to a field of agricultural byproduct residue such as straw for conversion and compression on site to cubes that are suitable as fuel feedstock to replace coal.  Unlike other cubing processes, no steam is required which reduces input costs and power needs.  The equipment is used to assess the energy efficiency of field-side cubing.