Video Library

Below are links to a variety of relevant videos that PAMI clients and agricultural producers may find useful and informative.

Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute
Considered to be a North American leader in researching alternative uses for agricultural products, byproducts and biomass as environment-friendly energy resources and alternatives to petroleum and coal-based products. The applied research and development at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) examines the most effective forms and technologies for processing biological materials for efficient energy extraction.

Learn how PAMI is taking the lead to build and advance the Manitoba Bioproducts industry.

Reducing Combine Losses – Les Hill
Eight tips for reducing combine losses from Les Hill, Manager of Technical Services and Business Development with the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI)

Soybean School West- Header Selection & Combine Settings Major Factors in a Successful Soybean Harvest
Harvey Chorney of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute talks to Lyndsey Smith about header selection ahead of soybean harvest.

Maximizing Harvest Productivity
In this Canola Council of Canada webinar, Les Hill from PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute) discusses ways to minimize combine losses during harvest.

Canola School: Bin Sensors are the Best Way to Monitor Stored Crop, but they’re not Perfect
Millions of dollars are invested in managing a crop before it’s in the bin, and that management doesn’t stop just because it’s in storage.
Sensors that monitor temperature and moisture levels inside a bin are important tools for maintaining the value of a stored crop, notes Joy Agnew of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute at Humboldt, Sask.

Wheat School – Minimizing Harvest Losses Less Hill – PAMI
In this Wheat School episode we talk to Les Hill about some of the things farmers can do to improve the efficiency of their combine at harvest.

Wheat School – Dealing with MOG – Les Hill, P.A.M.I.
In this Wheat School episode we talk about M.O.G., what it is and how we deal with it.

What is the Potential for Biodigesters?
RealAg’s Debra Murphy talks to Joy Agnew of PAMI about their biodigestion project and it’s potential applications.