Western Beef

PAMI’s livestock research division – Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) has a mandate to maximize the profitability and sustainability of the western Canadian beef cattle industry.  Although WBDC operates independently of PAMI, it has access to PAMI’s renowned management expertise and technical staff along with its wide range of facilities and equipment.WBDC uses a team of scientists, research associates, and ranch managers to conduct research on applicable management strategies to help cow-calf and backgrounder operations increase their competitiveness in today’s marketplace.WBDC offers a wide-ranging set of skills and facilities for use in third-party client research.

With its expansive land base, ranch facilities, and purebred black angus cowherd, WBDC has become recognized around the world for its relevancy, research capacity and ability to communicate research results to the end-user. WBDC serves as an intermediary to communicate between the research community and the cattle industry.

WBDC maintains it’s own website that provides a comprehensive description of the organization and its operations.