Hay and Forage Technologies

An essential part of livestock production

Hay production on the Prairies is essential for maintaining the viability and profitability of the livestock industry.

Hay production is also big business.  Manitoba, for example, has the long growing days, fertile soils and the appropriate climate to produce the highest-quality hay available anywhere in the world.  This has created 14,000 forage producers with about two-million acres in production for 13 percent of Canada’s total production!

Saskatchewan has approximately 30,000 forage growers with about 2.8 million acres of hay in production.

A Long History of Hay and Forage Technology Development

PAMI has a long history of participating in the development of hay and forage technologies that benefit prairie farmers. For instance, PAMI brought hay- macerator technology to Western Canada and continues to research other promising technologies that could potentially benefit prairie producers.

PAMI can assist with:

  • Researching and developing hay and forage management strategies
  • Designing, prototyping and testing equipment
  • Researching and managing hay and forage fertility
  • Managing pasturelands
  • Hay storage facilities, systems, designing hay-moving equipment.