Enhancing and Optimizing Performance and Reliability

PAMI’s services to industrial equipment manufacturers evolved from its in-depth and diverse design and engineering knowledge and experience with agricultural equipment. PAMI recognized that its expertise and approach was directly transferrable to and in demand by other equipment manufacturing sectors including vehicles, transportation, and mining.

PAMI understands that optimum design derives from a strategy that combines design with physical testing to advance the process quickly but carefully from concept to roll-out. PAMI never owns Intellectual Property – it always belongs to the client. PAMI has the physical test equipment, protocols, and know-how to accurately predict field performance to reduce design, production, downtime, and warranty costs, and can collaborate effectively in the design/development phase.

PAMI’s knowledge of design and testing standards provides you with a valuable partner on your design team!

For more information on how PAMI can work with your organization, please email pami@pami.ca.