Product and Market Development

Besides expertise in agronomy, harvesting and crop processing including related equipment development and refinements, PAMI has the expertise and knowledge to take clients to the next level – product and market development for value-added ventures.

PAMI never owns Intellectual Property – it always belongs to the client.

PAMI Believes in Value-added Production!

In today’s marketplace, these value-added ventures have become a substantial part of viable agriculture, and PAMI has the experience to investigate the value-added agricultural-product and market-development ideas clients bring forward to determine their viability, and if viable, to help transition them to market.

From bioproducts to bioenergy, the diversified expertise the PAMI team brings to your commodity development will be sure to put you out in front of your competition.

Investigation,  technology development and preliminary market research on new and emerging crops – PAMI believes in value-added production!

PAMI offers:

Plant and Crop Development and Management
  • Improving quality, yield, minimizing inputs, maintaining quality in storage
  • Fertility-management investigations and systems
  • Organic cropping systems
  • Special crop harvesting and systems
  • Horticultural crop production, equipment, harvesting and processing
    • Potatoes
    • Vegetables,
    • Oriental vegetables,
    • Fruit crops such as sea buckthorn, sour cherries, saskatoons, chokecherries)
  • Irrigation resource planning, water management strategies
Disease And Pest Management
  • Pest Management Technologies
    • Identification of insect and disease pests
    • Disease management strategies
    • Research and development of pest management strategies on common and emerging crops
  • Efficacy evaluation
  • Improvement to crop protection and pesticide application methods
Equipment Development
  • Equipment design, evaluation and modification for special applications
  • Innovation of new equipment for emerging crops
  • Fabrication, prototyping and testing of novel equipment designs (patents are yours)
  • Equipment assessments for manufacturers
  • Fabrication of simulation equipment (PAMI built a tractor simulator recently to teach students in the lab! to drive equipment)
Process Systems
  • Nursery crop production and storage (systems and mechanization)
  • Evaluation or design of agronomic solutions
  • Mechanized solutions to replace labor-intensive crop production practices
Market Investigation and Development
  • Investigation into alternate crops – production, processing, markets
  • Decision support services (yields, prices, expenses, suitability, sustainability)
  • Technology investigation, development and preliminary market research on new and emerging crops


Save costs on process development and explore a number of equipment options using the PAMI Crops Processing Development Centre.