Crop processing is a crucial step in converting raw harvested agricultural products into valuable marketable products. Processing has many facets, whether its fine tuning processing methods for traditional crops, finding new processing approaches for traditional crops or developing new processes for new crops.

PAMI has developed considerable breadth and depth in the crop processing sector with such projects as:

  • Investigating options for long hauling cereal chaff for ethanol production
  • Developing a washing system for quinoa processing
  • Developing system for primary processing of crop fibres
  • Developing and fabricating machinery for wild rice maturity sorting
  • Testing to optimize the quality of a dehydrated alfalfa product
  • Conducting studies into several different methods for collecting crop materials for central processing
  • Optimizing essential oil processing
  • Designing and constructiing botanical and herb dryers
  • Developing Fenugreek processing methods
  • Developing pulse seed processing methods
PAMI’s strength in crop processing is largely attributed to it’s development of the Crop Processing Development Centre.  Click to find out more about its specifications and capabilities.