Managing the Land today, for the Yields of Tomorrow

Understanding crop growth requirements is paramount to the success of our producers. Agronomic requirements, from soil conditions to pest control, vary from crop to crop and region to region.

Putting their many years of agronomic experience to work, PAMI personnel monitor agronomic research plots at several locations across Saskatchewan. These plots were selected to represent a wide range of climatic and soil conditions, with research conducted over several years to provide accurate project results. Depending on client needs, we select the site or sites most applicable to the project. A large number of research projects are partnered with scientists at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and/or the University of Saskatchewan.

PAMI has designed and fabricated a ten-foot-wide air seeder plot drill for agronomic research. We also have a plot combine with headers for corn, cereals and oil seeds.

Examples of applied agronomic research include:

  • Assessment of side-banding openers
  • Effects of row spacing on crop yield
  • Effects of packing on crop-emergence and yield
  • Comparison of side-banding fertilizer placement with mid-row-banding
    fertilizer placement
  • Effects of weed clipping for organic weed control.

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