Improving Productivity and Diversification

PAMI’s mission is to provide farmers with innovative strategies for planning and achieving profitable farming operations. We strive to support value-added initiatives for developing sustainable crop production practices. We provide innovative equipment design and testing and offer full-service support to both the farming community and the agribusiness sector. Our objective is to always work towards the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for each client.

We are Farmers at Heart

PAMI personnel have strong rural roots – we are farmers at heart. We intimately understand your crop-production needs and we believe we have solutions you need to ensure efficiency and productivity. Our focus is to provide the information and resources you need to optimize your crop-production business. We have the agronomists who know the agriculture business from the ground up – our experience ranges from traditional farming to large-scale commercial production. We also have a solid background in field-scale and plot trials.

Getting You Where You Need to be – Out in Front of the Competition

Our goal in serving the farming community is also focused on providing the resources agribusinesses require to succeed and prosper. We have the skills, the access to technology and the critical human-resource networks required to get you where you need to be – out in front of the competition.

For more information on how PAMI can work with your organization, please Contact Our Service Teams.