Safety Testing and Evaluation

Ensuring operator safety while using mechanical equipment is of paramount importance particularly for equipment that operates in hazardous environments or uneven terrain.
PAMI delivers industry-recognized safety evaluations and testing for specialized safety installations that protect operators from specified hazards. PAMI’s safety testing protocols include:

  • Rollover protective structures (ROPS)
  • Falling object protective structures (FOPS)
  • Operator protective structures (OPS)
  • Tip-over protective structures (TOPS)
  • Mower equipment guards

PAMI specializes in designing and testing custom protective structures for canopies and cabs typically installed on almost any type of moving operator-driven machinery.  They protect the operator from a rollover, tip over, a falling object or an object entering the cab. PAMI provides efficient, effective products and services.

PAMI has facilities and capabilities to perform destructive testing on most makes and models of earthmoving and mining equipment, from small loaders to large dump trucks.

PAMI uses the latest CAD technology to assist in design development. Canopy design is critical and engineered to crumple, or to bend for rollovers or falling objects.  Most ROPS standards prohibit the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to perform tests, meaning each new design must be subjected to destructive testing before it can be certified to relevant standards.

PAMI is also authorized to conduct National Safety Mark (NSM) Certifications.