Regulatory Compliance and Standards Certification

Requirements for standards-compliance testing are increasing for all kinds of products and equipment. Inter-continental trade is driving the harmonization of standards in the European Union (EU), with manufacturers shipping product to other nations increasingly facing standards-compliance issues. PAMI’s Humboldt Station is ISO 17025 certified to provide international-supported documentation of client equipment test results. PAMI staff are experienced in standards testing, whether to known standards or the client’s self-imposed standards. PAMI can test equipment and machinery to comply with standards produced by:

Professional engineers oversee tests and produce test reports recognized by official standards-testing bodies and government regulatory bodies.

National Safety Mark (NSM) Certification

The national safety mark (NSM) is the property of the Government of Canada and its use is authorized by the Minister of Transport to manufacturers of new vehicles offered for sale in Canada. Transport Canada requires the manufacturers that are authorized to affix the mark, to have the capability to certify their vehicle production to comply with the regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

PAMI is authorized to affix our NSM [V08] on vehicles that we manufacture or modify at our facility.  In obtaining authorization from Transport Canada, PAMI had to provide evidence that we are capable of certifying compliance to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).  Manufacturers who are working through the application process to obtain authorization to affix their own NSM may benefit from our experience and/or test services.

PAMI can perform seat/seat belt/seat anchorage testing (CMVSS 207, 208, 209, 210), rear impact guard testing (CMVSS 223), center of gravity verification (for CMVSS 105) and many other tests.  Our team of professional engineers are able to interpret the regulations and offer opinions of compliance as required to help collect the necessary documentation and evidence that Transport Canada needs to see as part of the application.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with regards to testing and engineering required to support your NSM application or NSM-related activities.

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