Regulatory Compliance and Standards Certification

Requirements for standards-compliance testing are increasing for all kinds of products and equipment. Inter-continental trade is driving the harmonization of standards in the European Union (EU), with manufacturers shipping product to other nations increasingly facing standards-compliance issues. PAMI’s Humboldt Station is ISO 17025 certified to provide international-supported documentation of client equipment test results. PAMI staff are experienced in standards testing, whether to known standards or the client’s self-imposed standards. PAMI can test equipment and machinery to comply with standards produced by:

Professional engineers oversee tests and produce test reports recognized by official standards-testing bodies and government regulatory bodies.

National Safety Mark (NSM) Certification

National Safety Mark (NSM) requirements are designed to ensure the continued safe operation of the increasingly diverse fleet of vehicles on the road today.

PAMI can help clients meet National Safety Mark (NSM) Certification.  As a member of the Canadian Transport Equipment Association (CTEA), PAMI has been building an in-depth understanding of NSM regulations and their implications for manufactures.

PAMI’s experienced engineers can enhance our client’s own abilities to certify their completed vehicle and or PAMI can conduct the certifications for you.
PAMI’S knowledgeable staff can help with any questions regarding NSM and are happy to discuss a contract to assist with…

  • Ensuring products are in compliance with the NSM requirements
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction with your transportation products.

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