Mower Testing

PAMI has facilities to provide industrial and agricultural mower manufacturers with trusted, reliable services to test their products to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 4254-13: 2012 Agricultural machinery – Safety – Part 13: Large rotary mowers.

Mower manufacturers compliant with this standard reduce the likelihood that mower operators and passers-by will be hurt or surrounding property damaged as a result of an operating mower. Successful testing requires the compliance with five standardized tests:

  • Dropping an operating mower onto a two-inch-diameter steel pin. To pass, the mower must operate for two seconds after being dropped without causing damage to the mower, which would be dangerous to the operator or any bystander.
  • Operating a mower unbalanced with only half of the blades in place for two minutes.
  • Additional tests involve dropping nails and steel slugs through the top of the mower housing to simulate debris hitting the mower blade. The quantity of thrown nails impacting a surrounding enclosure is evaluated.
  • The foot probe test involves placing a simulated foot at different angles under a non-rotating mower. At no time should the simulated foot contact the mower blade.

These test results help mower manufacturers design their products with safety features that minimize risks.