Mobile Data Acquisition

Not all vehicles or industrial equipment are portable or suitable for testing in a test-lab situation. When performance or durability testing is needed, accurate performance data must be gathered on site wherever the equipment is installed or in the conditions where the equipment operates.

Full Equipment Mobility Provides Efficient Data Collection in the Field

PAMI employs advanced Somat eDaq data-acquisition systems that are fully mobile and can be set up and configured to measure and gather data a wide range of performance parameters in the field.  This data can be taken back to the lab for analysis, and in many cases performance characteristics measured in the field can be replicated in the lab for closer study or to isolate their effects on individual components.

Our mobile data acquisition systems feature selectable sample rates up to 100,000 samples/second and collects data on such parameters as force, strain, acceleration, pressure, temperature, speed, flow, torque and displacement. The data can be easily imported to data analysis programs and integrated with computer models to help engineers during the design or problem-solving process. PAMI also has numerous engineering software packages to assess product durability using collected data and material properties.