Field Services

Equipped to Provide Comprehensive Field Services and Logistics for Agricultural and Industrial Clients

PAMI teams specialize in in-the-field service delivery to compliment its field-testing operations for both its agricultural and industrial clients. The teams are adept at staging all aspects of on-site field services, from initial setup to conducting final clean up.  They have access to any field-support equipment required such as fully equipped service trucks, trailers, semi-tractors and trailers, trucks, tractors, forklift trucks and diagnostic tools.

For agriculture-related projects, PAMI teams have access to a wide range of required support implements and are adept at locating cooperative producers with the right test crops and conditions.  For harvesting-related projects, PAMI is unique in owning a complete set of field-test combine equipment.

The teams are flexible, specializing in Western Canada but having experience working around the world.