Saskatchewan Shop Facilities

PAMI’s Saskatchewan facility has 100,000 sq ft of space available for shop activities. This shop space allows PAMI to build prototype, limited serial production of machinery and repair and overhaul of specialty equipment. The majority of the facilities is used for preparation of equipment for testing and a maintenance area when equipment needs to be modified or repaired after testing. Equipment available for project work include:loaderarm

  • Brake for bending sheet metal
  • Lathe and mill for machining
  • Welding of aluminum and steel
  • Vehicle hoist
  • Alodine aluminum treatment
  • Phytosanitary wood working areaSimulator
  • Specialty painting, laser cutting, and water cutting of material is provided by local suppliers

These facilities have produced items such as:

  • Helicopter flight simulators frames and instrumentation consoles
  • Loader arms for a backhoePAMI_TestCombine
  • Combine test equipment
  • Fabrication jigs allowing manufacturers to fabricate their equipment faster and more accurately
  • Repair and overhaul of firefighting trailers
  • Pre-competitive concepts of emergency rescue vehicles
  • Limited production of combine headers