Saskatchewan Operations and Facilities

Humboldt Station

The Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute’s Humboldt station houses PAMI’s head office .  PAMI’s Humboldt facility offers a range of services including: (Click on highlighted words below for more detail.)


  • Shop facilities to build prototype machinery or to maintain equipment during testing.
  • Electronic lab facilities to design, build, and test control and data acquisition equipment. Specialty equipment available for fabricating wiring harnesses (or cables) include wire cutting, stripping, and testing.
  • The Crop Research Development Centre (CRDC) offers well-equipped facilities to industry for researching and developing new processes for crops.
  • The Applied Bioenergy Centre conducts a wide range of research initiatives related to the development and use of bio-energy from Canadian Agricultural products and byproducts.
  • Two environmental chambers for conducting equipment testing under extreme temperature and relative humidity conditions.
  • Two tilt tables:
    • 3 m (10 ft) x 7.3 m (24 ft) with a capacity of 12 tonnes (26,500 lb)
    • 6.1 m (20 ft) x 6.1 m (20 ft) with a capacity of 36.3 tonne (80,000 lb)
  • A special facility for conducting safety-related mower performance testing.
  • Employing  Somat eDAQ Plus portable data
    acquisition systems, the same systems used at PAMI’s Manitoba operations.
  • Access to PAMI’s off-road proving ground.

Saskatoon Office

PAMI maintains a satellite office located at Innovation Place on the University of Saskatchewan campus. Innovation Place facilitates university-industry research collaborations and innovation, creates high-tech clusters that potentially attract similar companies to the region, and nurtures an environment and culture that assists in retaining highly skilled students and researchers in the region.

PAMI’s Innovation Place office offers a convenient location to work in partnership with our extensive list of local, national and international clients.