Saskatchewan Electronics Lab

Saskatchewan Operations has a lab dedicated to designing, building, and testing of electronic control and data acquisition systems. The lab is rooted in PAMI’s evaluation era when a van full of data acquisition equipment was considered mobile. Today, PAMI uses its suite of sensors, instrumentation, data acquisition equipment, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to acquire data for analysis, control of other mechanical equipment, and transfer information to operators who are either local or remote.

PAMI’s electronic lab contains various instruments and tools for building and maintaining electronic equipment such as oscilloscopes, meters, frequency generators, power supplies, computers, and soldering stations. Taking advantage of its shop facilities, PAMI can build and install whole control systems for mobile applications.engine-harness

As a result of on-going modernization of all mechanical equipment with electronic controls, PAMI offers a complete facility to design, build, and test electrical cables and harnesses for prototypes and limited production runs. PAMI’s wiring equipment can take information from formboardelectronic schematics, use routing software to layout cables on machines, and then cut wire to length, label it, and strip the ends for the end connections. Form boards are used to layout the wires during fabrication and a braider is available to enclose the harness. All cables and harnesses are completely tested with a multi-point tester (MPT) before installation or sending to our clients.