Terramechanics Stand*

Terra Mechanics Stand

PAMI’s terramechanics stand (also commonly known as a soil bin) allows for the interaction between soil and soil-engaging tools to be studied in a controlled environment. The carriage of the stand allows for custom mounting of different sizes and configurations of tools allowing for the study of:

  • optimal seed and fertilizer placement
  • draft measurements
  • soil compaction
  • tire traction
  • rolling resistance
  • soil/tool interaction
  • control strategies for soil engaging tools
  • effectiveness of land mine clearing tools

When used in conjunction with PAMI’s extensive data acquisition and video capabilities, a wide range of performance data can be acquired from the various mechanical components while the tools are engaged with the soil.



Terramechanics Stand Specifications

Length (Soil) 48 ft 14.6 m
Width (Soil) 7.5 ft 2.3 m
Depth (Soil) 2.5 ft 0.76 m
Speed 6.6 mph 10.6 km/h
Vertical Loading Table 10,000 lb 44.5 kN
Vertical Adjustment 4 ft 1.2 m
Remote Hydraulic Motor 10 hp 7.5 kW
Drive Hydraulic Motor 30 hp 22.4 kW

Wide variety of attachments can be custom mounted.


Using the terramechanics stand through the product design and development process allows:

  • Repeatable testing in consistent conditions.
  • Year round testing as a result of being located in doors.
  • Comparative testing of multiple tools.
  • Can be customized for other types of projects that can benefit from the linear carriage motion.


University of Saskatchewan

*The Terramechanics Stand is supported through co-operation with Western Canada Testing Inc.