Remote Parameter Control (RPC) Simulator

PAMI’s powerful Remote Parameter Control Simulation software combined with our Force Simulation system, MAST system and vibration table uses real-world operational load data collected in the field to precisely replicate those field conditions in the lab for testing equipment and components.

Multiple load inputs can be reproduced simultaneously and testing is not constrained by weather conditions in the field.

This system allows the operator to delete “low-damaging” event data to concentrate on more severe event data which accelerates the testing process immensely. Once RPC is programmed, the same scenario can be played over and over again on to assess incremental performance improvements.

Significantly Speeding Up the Design and Development Process

This capability allows PAMI to assess the durability of individual components or whole machines right in the lab to quickly pinpoint flaws or problems with new designs.

This invaluable process provides clients with fast and cost-effective design testing to confidently bring to market equipment and parts with proven durability and reliability.

RPC Advantages

  • Lower costs – components can be tested without building or shipping an entire prototype vehicle
  • Drastically reduced product-development cycles
  • All weather testing – tests are done in the lab
  • Rapid, easy comparisons during product design – prototypes can be rapidly compared on the simulator
  • No down time due to unrelated problems associated with prototype vehicles.