A Multi-faceted Research and Development Organization

PAMI is a multi-faceted engineering-based research and development organization with a unique mix of capabilities.  It’s primary and historic agricultural focus gives it unparalleled depth and knowledge of agricultural processes and equipment.  It intimately knows and can work with any type of agricultural equipment used at any stage of the agricultural cycle from soil preparation and seeding through harvesting and processing.

PAMI’s agrarian capabilities have extended beyond equipment to the crops that the equipment is designed to work with. PAMI’s teams of engineers and agrologists work together to identify the feasibility of developing and marketing new crops for new or alternative uses including bioenergy, bioproducts and nutraceuticals.

The Unique Benefits Of A Dual Focus

PAMI’s engineering capabilities have also extended beyond its primary focus in the agricultural sector to a secondary focus related to industrial mechanical equipment. The knowledge learned through its agricultural expertise has proven to be transferrable to other industrial sectors including:

  • Vehicles and transportation equipment
  • Mining and forestry equipment that, like agriculture, gather and process raw materials.
  • Security and defence equipment that require similar flexibility, mobility, durability and safety requirements demanded of agricultural and other industrial equipment.

PAMI has become uniquely placed in its business sector with its dual focus in both the agricultural and industrial mechanics sectors.

PAMI’s many years of testing experience provides practical knowledge that goes well beyond engineering theory to the core of how machines and processes perform and fail in the real world. This leads to cost-effective durable solutions and designs that save clients time and money in their research, development, equipment and process improvements.