Research and Development Expertise

Finding Alternative Energy Sources To Fuel The World

For generations civilization has been reliant on energy derived from fossil fuels to satisfy an insatiable demand from our expanding global economies. The result is widely recognized as one of the single biggest issues the world face today and the search is on for alternative energy sources such as bioenergy.

PAMI is a recognized leader in bioenergy research and development with expertise in two categories:


Biofuels’ ”green” production processes are categorized based on their similarity to those used by the existing oil & gas extraction industry, that currently dominates global energy markets.

Wind Energy

Wind energy, while not a biofuel, is a “green” energy technology and well within PAMI’s research and development capabilities. PAMI has developed expertise in wind monitoring programs that can provide value-added services, from site assessment to system design, installation and maintenance.

Collaboration for Success

Governments across the globe are committed to supporting technologies that provide energy alternatives for the future and enable both consumers and business to play their part. PAMI in collaboration with universities and research organizations across the country is at the forefront of developing solutions that enable this to happen. We are able to bring together a highly specialized team of researches for entrepreneurs exploring this exciting area of energy development.