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Welcome to the BE SEEN, BE SAFE! web book.

This site has been adapted from the guidebook of the same name, originally produced by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) under the direction of Manitoba Highways and Transportation, a department of the Manitoba government. Manitoba is one of ten provinces in Canada, and the first to implement a regulation regarding the lighting and marking of farm equipment transported on public roads. The site is maintained by PAMI. The original guidebook was sponsored in part by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Coalition for Agricultural Health and Rural Safety and the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies.

The regulation is being enforced in Manitoba as of July 1, 1998. While the information on the BE SEEN, BE SAFE! web site has been developed to help farmers and equipment operators comply with the law in Manitoba, it has been posted here to provide assistance to other jurisdictions considering a similar regulation.

The regulation has been adopted from a manufacturing standard developed by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (standard ASAE S279.9) and the Canadian equivalent, the Canadian Standards Association (standard CSA M669-97). Some exceptions to this standard have been allowed in the Manitoba regulation to allow for easier retrofitting of existing equipment.

The following index links you do the various sections of the guide. We hope that equipment operators and safety promoters will find it useful in advocating for better visibility of farm machinery on our roads.

 The information in this guide has been designed to help equipment owners and operators retrofit their machines in accordance with the new regulations. It does not replace or supersede Manitoba’s Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways Regulation, and is not a legal document used for law enforcement.





2.2 Daytime Travel, Minimum Requirements

2.3 Nighttime Travel, Minimum Requirements




4.1 Intent of Flags/Mounting Angle of Flags

4.2 Lamps Illuminated For Daytime Travel

4.3 Compliance to Date

4.4 Fines for Violations

4.5 Fluorescent and Reflective Materials

4.6 Manufacturer Alert—Standards Update


APPENDIX 1, Related Standards

APPENDIX 2, Glossary of Terms

APPENDIX 3, Examples of Farmstead Equipment

APPENDIX 4, A Guide for Aiming your Headlamps

APPENDIX 5, Fast-Track User’s Guide Tables


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