Evolution of PAMI’s Brand Mark

PAMI’s graphic identity/brand mark has evolved considerably over the decades to become a graphically modern and sophisticated representation of the corporation today.

The graphic stylized lines of PAMI’s current brand mark symbolize not only rolling agricultural fields but also a creative dynamic organization. The graphic suggests momentum, integration, collaboration and the intersection of ideas. The colours and shapes reinforce the link to agriculture and bio-energy.  The bold, modern typeface expresses PAMI’s high-tech capability.
The previous version of the graphic identity fully integrated the PAMI acronym with the graphic elements, whose shapes and relationships were refined but whose symbolism remained the same as described in the earlier version. 
The much earlier second corporate identity integrated part of the full corporate name into the design. The colours symbolized the Canadian Prairies in summer: big blue skies, endless green and gold wheat and yellow canola fields.
PAMI’s first and original corporate identity was a simple line-art abstraction of a tractor pulling an agricultural implement. Neither the current PAMI acronym or full corporate name were included.