Maintaining Client Confidentiality Is An Important Priority

Innovative manufacturers developing new products or technologies place a high priority on confidentially to protect their designs, processes, patents and intellectual property, which leads many to believe confidentially can only be maintained by conducting projects in house.

As an external supplier, PAMI recognizes the importance of client confidentially, maintains strict confidentiality guidelines and has developed a sophisticated three-level confidentially program.  Clients may choose the level that best suits their needs and comfort levels.

Level I

Level I security is accorded to research projects undertaken for public information. Data, results, and reports are secured from public disclosure  until the time of official release. However, public knowledge of the project or viewing of the project work is permitted.

Level II

Level II, the most common level of security for client-funded projects, provides no association between the client’s name and the work, and provides no disclosure to the public about project objectives or the nature of work. All data, results, and reports generated by the work will be accessible only to PAMI personnel and the client’s authorized representatives.

The only potential public exposure to the work would be prototype equipment visible under test in a farmer’s field or by visitors touring PAMI facilities. However, no viewing of equipment details is allowed within practical limits.

Level III

PAMI’s highest level of security keeps client projects from public view at all times. Only assigned PAMI personnel and authorized client representatives have access to the equipment and/or results. Both the client’s name and the nature of work are kept secure from the public. Data, results, and reports generated by the work will be secured from viewing by anyone except PAMI personnel and the client’s authorized representatives.