Partnering with PAMI provides many benefits for your process or project: conceptualization, research, design, innovation, adaptation, testing and knowledge transfer to enhance sustainability and profitability in agriculture and other industry sectors.

Key Advantages

  • PAMI never owns Intellectual Property – it yours to keep. We only care that you’re satisfied with the results of our work.
  • Provides access to a broad base of skill sets that you may not have in your organization including application expertise, library services and product implementation knowledge
  • Provides you with access to in-depth knowledge of the agricultural and other industry sectors.
  • Saves you time and money compared to setting-up and operating in-house project-focused operations of limited duration
  • Provides economical specialty services not available in-house
  • Provides independent third-party objectivity in evaluating or executing your project
  • Provides equipment or process redesign and modification services to correct substandard performance
  • Shortens the process/product development cycle
  • Helps ensure product durability and safety
  • Helps reduce warranty costs
  • Provides product improvements
  • Helps meet regulatory, certification and third-party testing requirements
  • Identifies cost-reduction opportunities/strategies.